What is dental prosthetics?

A dental prosthetics is an intraoral prosthesis used to restore defects such as missing teeth with a crown, bridge or the replacement of the whole teeth rows. In our dental office, we are dealing with all kinds of fixed and removable dentures with the highest quality materials and high innovative technology.

What do you get? What can you expect?

We offer you to make:

  • The finest zirconium crowns. Zirconium is a material of superior esthetics
  • Zirconium ceramic crowns
  • Metalceramic crowns

Dental crowns were designed to maintain the functionality of damaged tissue. They fully reflect shape, size and colour of natural teeth.

If you have one of the following problems, the best solution for you is installing a crown or a bridge. The following problems can be:

  • Broken tooth crown
  • Teeth that cannot be repaired by filling
  • To prevent a tooth from breaking after a root canal treatment
  • Teeth of irregular shape and colour

We offer you mobile dental prosthesis, such as:

  • Total prosthesis
  • Acrylic partial prosthesis
  • Partial skeletal prosthesis – Wisil
  • Partial skeletal prosthesis with Atecmen – Wisil
  • Vertex – ThermoSens prosthesis

If you need dental prosthesis, we invite you to schedule a free checkup. Our dentists are extremely meticulous and completely dedicated to achieve desired esthetic results.

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