What is periodontology?

Periodontal disease or parodontopathy is an oral disease that progressively destroys the tooth-supporting apparatus. There are several stages of this disease. It usually manifests as a worsening of gingivitis and then, if untreated, with loosening and loss of teeth.

What are the causes of periodontitis?

  • Dental calculus and dental plaque
  • Poor oral health habits
  • Teeth anomalies
  • Bad prosthetics
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal changes
  • Smoking
  • Genetics

Dental plaque is sticky, transparent materia that continuously builds up around the teeth mainly as a result of food residues.

Bacteria, that reside in dental plaque, produce toxines (endotoxines) that stimulate the immune system to combat. The results of that interaction are inflammation, bone destruction, the creation of teeth pockets, the destruction of periodontal tissue and teeth loss. 

Because of that, dental plaque can be very dangerous. Gums may become red, swollen and easily bleed when touched. If this irritability progresses, gums remove from teeth and make pockets (empty spaces).

Dental calculus or tartar is caused by precipitation of minerals from saliva in plaque on the teeth. This leads to calculus buildup which is hard to remove. Also, calculus can be bad for gingiva (gums) because of its mechanic pressure.

What do you get? What do you expect?

In the treatment of periodontal disease it is necessary to eliminate all the causes that leed to the onset of the disease. It is necessary to do the cleaning of teeth from calculus, plaque and concrete.

Laser therapy replaced the classic periodontal surgery and the use of sharp instruments during curettage. Laser therapy is extremely successful in cleansing the root of the teeth and soft tissue, so that surgical intervention can be avoided.

For the purpose of preventing and treating paradentosis, our dental office uses the dental laser KaVo Key Laser 3. This laser has been particularly prominent in removing concrete and necrotic cement at the root of the teeth in periodontal pockets.

With the system for detection of the quantity of concretes we can remove all the concretion and necrotic cement from the root of the teeth. As such, KaVo Key Laser 3 is an excellent laser for the purpose of treating paradentosis.

For more information about the modern lasers used in our office, read here – ’’Lasers’’.

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