What are dental veneers? Why do we need veneers?

Dental veneers are known as facets and they represent the least invasive method for changing the colour, shape and position of teeth. Placement of veneers requires minimal grinding of teeth or even without grinding at all in some cases.

Veneers are extremely popular today because they allow you to get quickly and easily the smile you’ve always wanted.

The best candidates are patients who have all their teeth, that is they have no teeth with already installed teeth crowns. If particular tooth already has a crown, it is not possible to install a veneer, but it is therefore possible to set a new crown that will fit perfectly in shape and colour with all other teeth.

What do you get? What can you expect?

Veneers we offer are made of composite and ceramics. We also offer fabricated veneers – edelweiss. All our veneers are made of quality materials.

During the examination, and in agreement with the patient, we will decide which type is the most appropriate to provide the maximum esthetic result for the look of the tooth you deserve. Make an appointment for free and see for yourself.

Our dentists are extremely maticulous and completely dedicated to your needs and wishes. We will see to it that everyone goes home from our office with a smile. If you are interested in our work, you are all invited to see OUR GALLERY.

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