Dental tourism is a combination of useful and wonderful. It is a mini vacation for your oral health. You will return back home with a brand new smile.

Do you want to find out about ”Dental tourism Serbia” where quality dental services are at an affordable price? You are at the right place – in Novi Sad! It will be our pleasure to help you get the shining smile you have always dreamed of.

Thousands of patients around the world come to Novi Sad, just like you. They are all searching for a new shining smile that will last for decades.

Dental office “Dr Rosa Bašić” is well-equiped with the latest technologies and top-quality world leading brands of materials for dentistry. Furthermore, our dentists have achieved significant results in the field. Last but not least, we have lots of proud and satisfied patients smiling worldwide.

How Does Dental Tourism Function in Novi Sad, Serbia?

Our dental experts appreciate your time, trust and money in “Dr Rosa Bašić” dental office. For this reason you can expect the service at the world’s highest standards regardless of the dental intervention complexity. We give our full attention to every patient. We take care of you from the very first entrance at the office until the last glance in the mirror. In order to walk out of our dental office with big shining smile, first we would like you to send an email. The email should consist of:

  • OPG record (orthopantomogram image)
  • The description of the problem and demands you have
  • In what interventions you are interested in

The moment we receive your demand, our experts will analyze your case and at short notice they will give you:

  • The description of necessary interventions
  • The plan of treatment in details
  • The time frame during which intervention will take place
  • The price

What You Can Expect from Us

All our services are adjusted to each individual patient. Patients from abroad are also important to us. We give them full attention in the dental office. We also take care of their stay in Serbia. Our patients have cimpetent dentists and dental technicians at their disposal.

Free Examining and Consulting

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’’Dental tourism in Novi Sad’’ is not just a phrase for our team. The success of the dental office is based on the competence of the team, top-quality materials and the latest technologies. Besides, dental rates are adjusted to you because they are UP TO 70% LOWER here than in Western Europe.

High quality materials

Dental office “Dr Rosa Bašić” is using top-quality world leading brands of materials for dentistry. Your shining smile will last for decades because the materials are everlasting and they are used in dentistry worldwide.

Additional Services

Apart from dental services, you can expect from us quality accomodation and additional commoditities. We provide you following services for free in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible in our town:

  • Free transportation from and to the airport, train station, or bus station
  • Free transportation from the apartment accomodation to dental office
  • Mobile phone with a local SIM card during your stay

Apart from that, our manager and the dental stuff will be available for during your stay in Novi Sad. You will get their phone numbers to call them whenever you need.

  • If you prefer hotels to apartments then we will gladly help you choose and make a reservation (at your expense)

And That’s Not All!

When we talk about dental tourism, we cannot forget the touristic part of your stay in Novi Sad. On Your demand, We can organize for you optional tours around the most popular destinations in Novi Sad and Belgrade, and so many more, such as:

  • Trips
  • Tours around Novi Sad city center and Petrovaradin fortress
  • Belgrade tours (Belgrade fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, Skadarlija, Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade Cabrio Experience, and sightseeing on the Sava and Danube)
  • Museum tours
  • Vojvodina wine tours
  • Fruška Gora Monasteries tour
  • Tours to traditional granges of Vojvodina

Novi Sad in Short

Novi Sad dental tourism

Novi Sad is the largest town in Vojvodina. It is the second largest town in Serbia where 350,000 people of different cultures and nationalities live. The town faces the northern slopes of Fruška Gora Mountain. It lies on the left bank of the Danube river.

The position of Novi Sad is very good because of the highway E-75 which passes through it. The intersection of the two European highways E-75 and E-70 is in the vicinity of Novi Sad. Novi Sad is easily reachable from all European directions.

Novi Sad is one of the most significant cultural centers of Serbia. The most stunning part of Novi Sad is Petrovaradin fortress built in 1790. Different concerts are held every year on Petrovaradin fortress. One of the largest and most popular summer music festivals in Europe is called EXIT. It is visited by 250 – 350,000 visitors annually.

For more information about what places to visit, what to do and where to stay in Novi Sad, please visit the Novi Sad Tourism Agency website.

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